Rainy Day Bliss

The clouds are thick and dark, all you can hear are the rumbling sound of the thunder and the heavy rain falling hard on the concrete roads. Every now and then someone on a scooter completely drenched rush by.

I’ts Monday and the weather is shit. The streets are practically empty, giving me the feeling of a ghost town. But it doesn’t matter, because I’m in Thailand. I’m in Koh Tao drinking coffee, and I’m the luckiest girl in the world.

I’ve been ‘on the road’ for almost 3 and a half month now, and it’s crazy to think of how much I’ve experienced so far, all the memories that’s been created. And most importantly – all the people I’ve gotten to know.

In Bali I continued to meet people supporting me while I was dealing with the loss of my friend, everyone being warm and kind. I went to the Philippines for a whole month, and saw the most stunning nature and beaches I have ever seen, and I was never alone (unless I chose it myself). People treated me like family and cooked me dinner and took me on boat trips. Great conversations were had, and friendships were made. And then I made it back to my dear Thailand, where I feel like I belong. To everyone I met, you know who you are. Thank you for the memories, the conversations, the drinks, the jungle dancing, the drumming and the laughs.

After a week in lovely Koh Chang, and a quick weekend in Bangkok, I’m now in Koh Tao. The rain is pouring down cleaning any slate that needs cleaning.

And I am grateful.

Love, Charlotte


Next stop on the road will be Koh Phangan, and then back to Tonsai, where I will set up camp for a little while. See you when you see me.



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