When reality strikes

Nobody plans to be half a world away at times like this..

You get comfortable in your travel bubble, you see beautiful new places, meet amazing likeminded people and create wonderful memories. It’s easy to forget that that things go on back home also when you’re not there. No matter how well traveled you are, nothing really can ever prepare you for bad news back home when you’re at the other side of the planet.

I woke up one week ago to a Facebook message from a friend from my home town, telling me he had some bad news. My stomach twisted as I read that sentence. What do you do when you are completely alone in a hotel room far away, with none of your close friends near by when you get the news that someone you loved has died?

After a melt down and a panic attack I pulled myself together and messaged Erin, a girl I met at a local bar a few nights earlier, who immediately jumped on her scooter to come and meet me so I wouldn’t be alone. We walked to a quiet beach and sat and just talked and looked at the waves for a few hours. Thank you, Erin.


The morning after I checked out of my hotel and got the first taxi back to Canggu, a place I visited and really enjoyed a few weeks back, just to be in a more familiar environment.

There’s a Facebook community called Girls LOVE Travel with hundreds of thousands of women talking about all things travel related, and I reached out to them regarding dealing with sorrow while traveling. A girl named Megan saw my post and chose to come over to Canggu for some support. We went to the beach for the sunset and lit a candle for him, and this friendly stranger held me as I cried my eyes out as the sun sank below the horizon. Thank you, Megan.


I’m writing this in hope that it might help someone else that’s in the same situation. Don’t be afraid of reaching out to strangers. Most people are good people. Take one day at a time. And if that becomes too much to handle, take an hour at a time. And breathe.

And for me, I’m getting by. In a couple of days I’m heading to Filippines, and I’m really looking forward to that.

– Love, Charlotte

Here are some pictures from my ventures around Bali the last few weeks.



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