First stop – Bali

So this was me just a few days ago:


This was 5 am in Norway and I’m waiting for my bus ride to the airport. Nervous, excited, a bit sad and a bit happy at the same time, and with a one way ticket to South East Asia in hand.

It took me about 20 hours to get from there to here, Seminyak, Bali. And with absolutely no sleep the entire trip, I quickly crashed in my hotel room.

Since then my days have pretty much consisted of lounging by the pool, writing, reading, and walking around eating delicious food and drinking Bintang. I’ve also tried motorbike taxi for the first time, as I realized that after visiting this part of the world a few times now, I really had no excuse for not using their most normal and cheapest taxi option any more. I was shit scared for the 20 minutes (4 kilometers) it took from Seminyak to Kuta on the back on a scooter, but for less than 1USD i need to just get used to this.

If you ever come to Bali, i recommend you download the app GoJEK. It’s like UBER, where you can order taxi though the app and see the price and distance before ordering. Ordering through that is a lot cheaper than getting a scooter taxi out on the street, even though they are more available (you will be offered transport every 5 meters or so). Sometimes there might be some waiting time for an available GoJEK driver. But I suggest you stay clear of Kuta, though.

Today I’ve booked my boat ticket to Gili Air, where I’ll be staying for a couple of weeks. I’m really  looking forward to small island vibes and no traffic. So I’m headed there this friday. The Gili islands belong to the island group Lombok, and I might check out the main island Lombok after Gili, as it’s supposed to be a lot less touristy than Bali, but I’ll figure that out when the time comes.

Here are some pictures of my days so far in Bali. DSC01478DSC01484DSC01487DSC01490DSC01495DSC01499DSC01500DSC01509DSC01521DSC01524DSC01528DSC01537DSC01543DSC01546



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