I did it!

I have taken the big plunge. And it feels friggin’ good!

Let me first start out with a little bit of a back story.
I have never really been the spontaneous kind. I have always been mostly comfortable with routines, safety. Planning ahead. So when I booked my first long trip back in 2015, it was a big thing for me. Even if it was only for a couple of weeks, it was still a huge step for me to book and go on that solo trip to Thailand.

Triggering the wanderlust
2015 has become a turning point in my life thinking back. It awoke my interest in travel and seeing what’s out there, it gave me the urge to go explore. Having a full time job and a flat I rented in Oslo, my trips were only for a few weeks at a time, as I could only get 5 weeks off to travel per year, and off course I still had to pay my rent while traveling. But I made sure that I at least got to see a new country both far away and a new country here in Europe each year.

However, the more I saw, the more I wanted to see. One or two trips per year made most of my time back home in a state of longing and planning for new trips. Every time I came home, I immediately started to think of where to go next. And it got me thinking, maybe I wasn’t really happy with my situation back home? Or maybe I just needed something to change. A few moths ago I came home from my longest trip so far – six weeks through Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. And even though I had some down moments as I have blogged about earlier, most of it was pretty awesome. And most importantly of all – it felt right. Being back in Oslo in my flat and my job however, did not. Don’t get me wrong, it was amazing to see my friends and family again. But being back home I got depressed and I deeply missed the life “on the road”. I didn’t really feel at home here anymore, and my job wasn’t a place I felt I could build a career in. So it got me thinking more and more โ€“ what do I need to do.. for me?

Point of no return
After a few months back in the real world, my sore neck and stress knots were building up, and nights with lack of sleep had returned. And in a way it felt like I was getting nowhere, that time was just passing by. I needed change, and there was no better time than now.
I woke up one morning late April, got to work, and sent my resignation by e-mail to my boss. It was quite the spur of the moment kind of thing, and realizing I wouldn’t afford my rent three months from now when my resignation period runs out, I quickly e-mailed my landlord resigning my flat as well. Within 30 minutes I had given up everything stable and safe in my life.
The rest of my day at work I was a bit in shock. But here’s the cool part โ€“ it felt so incredibly good! I had made a drastic choice for my self, in order to pursue travel, change โ€“ and, well, happiness. Shortly after I told my family and friends about what I had done, and about my plan to get out there and explore the world with no idea of how long I’d be going out for. All I knew is this is what I need to do for me now. And it felt even better when I learned that my friends and family supported my choice wholeheartedly.

So, what comes next?
I don’t know to be honest. I have a month and a half left in my job and my flat. I have gotten some freelance gigs content writing and translating which I work with in my free time, and also plan on doing while traveling. After moving out I will take a mini vacation for a few weeks at my parents, before I head out with a one way ticket back to South-East Asia, to try out a new lifestyle for a while, going fully nomad traveling long term (hopefully). My plan for now is to start in Indonesia and take it from there. I want to go with the flow, not planning too much ahead, but move from place to place and country to country by following my gut and tips from others as I go. And hopefully, it will take me on a beautiful adventure!

Life is now, so I’ve decided to start living it ๐Ÿ™‚

Peace & Love, CharlotteFullSizeRender


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