Back to reality

I’m back in Oslo, the city I call home. Right now it feels a bit strange, rather than home, though. 

Soundtrack of the day: Bob Marley – Redemption Song.

After arriving in Saigon I forgot to blog, and got more focused on taking in as much as I could for my last week of traveling before headed home.

I stayed two nights in Saigon, but unfortunately I wasn’t feeling well while there. So I mostly spent time near my hostel, which was in a side street of Bui Vien, the main party street of Saigon. I did some shopping over at Saigon Square, got my hair cut and my nails done for a total of about six dollars, and I caught som live music at Universal bar. The guys who work there are super friendly by the way. 

Dried jellyfish, anyone?

Then I hopped on a flight back to Thailand to visit Tonsai one last time, at least for now. 

After checking in I walked over to Chill Out bar & Bungalows where me and my friend Kim stayed only five weeks earlier. I was immediately recognized and greeted with a “welcome back” from Bee/B, one of the nice guys working at Chill Out. Once again I felt at home in Tonsai. 

Bon getting some new ink at Chill Out bar.

I then caught the sunset from the beach as I always do. Later it was time to go over to my regular Tonsai hang out, the Sunset Bar. It was really nice to see Toffi, Pon and Wat again, it allways is. These guys are the best. 
The day after I went exploring a bit. From Tonsai there are three ways to reach the other parts of Railay. One is a short 10 minute climb through the steep path going from the south end of Tonsai beach, getting you right on the north end of Railay west beach. I’ve done this a few times. Another one is going around the same cliff when it’s low tide, you just walk on the slippery rocks around. But this means you have to wait until low tide just before sunset, so you might not make it back before dark. The last one is the jungle path, which takes about 30 minutes. I decided to try this one out to do something new. 30 sweaty, mosquito filled, creepy crawlies dodging walks in and between jungle and electrical wires minutes later, I got to Railay East, the more laid back part of Railay other than Tonsai.

Welcome to the jungle
Please don’t let there be snakes

I walked around a bit and then over to the beautiful but overcrowded Phra Nang beach, the one I kayaked to five weeks ago. Yeah, the one with the penis cave. 

Later that day I got the honor of being asked by Toffi to help out behind the bar at Sunset Bar that night and the next. I had so much fun doing that, so Toffi, if you read this, send me a word, I’d love to come back and do it again. See how happy  I am πŸ˜€

Welcome, welcome!

I timed my return to Tonsai perfectly for their yearly clean up day-festival. Two days of cleaning the beach, wolleyball, live music and great food, drinks and fire shows. The entire Tonsai community and guests down at the beach for one big party. Pretty much amazing.​

​ ​​


Bon and Bee keeping up the party

I left the morning after. I hate leaving Tonsai. But I had to go to Bangkok to catch my flight back to Norway, my journey was over for this time. 

I’m at a coffee shop in my town, Oslo. It’s freezing outside, and I just want to get on a flight back to Thailand. Time to save up again, and hopefully I’ll be back on that beach for New Years 2017/2018. 
Dear Tonsai, I’ll see you when you see me. Why not?

Peace and love, Charlotte. 


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